The volume of compensation claims being handled by insurers has risen dramatically over the last decade, as has the value of these claims.

Case Study – Insurance Fraud


We are panel members for a number of major global insurers, the vast majority of whom instruct us to undertake covert surveillance on individuals pursuing large personal injury claims.

One of our most successful cases came when we were instructed to observe and report on the activities of another private investigator, known to us, who was pursuing a claim in excess of £750k. Previous surveillance had been attempted by a separate firm without success and it was obvious this claimant was surveillance conscious and had recognised he had been placed under observation, therefore careful planning was paramount.

We successfully orchestrated a surveillance plan and from this managed to ascertain this individual had not only “staged” his accident but through exceptional surveillance, observed this individual in circumstances which he claimed he could not achieve, established he had set up a company selling artwork and observed him on various stages of an overseas horse riding vacation in the USA.

Purely through our successful surveillance, our clients negotiated a settlement figure of around £27k, saving the company in excess of £700k.

Surveillance does work and the cost savings can be enormous.

I have retained the services of Leonard Investigations on numerous occasions and have been extremely pleased with the top class service they always provide. They deliver professional and efficient results and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Their input assists me in ensuring the best result is achieved for my clients.

Gillian Rushbury

Partner, BLM

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