Employee fraud comes in various formats and can be seriously detrimental to businesses both large and small. Fraud undermines growth, stability, reputation and profit and could ultimately result in your business folding.

Case Study – Corporate Fraud


The majority of cases we receive from corporate clients relate to employee theft or fraud. We are regularly instructed to monitor senior officials or managers in business who are either on long-term sick leave or who may be using their labour elsewhere. One case which we highlight involved a very large local authority who were suspicious of several managers and skilled staff who were regularly on sick leave and where a pattern had been identified.

Our surveillance teams were instructed to monitor these individuals over several weeks and report on how genuine the sickness claims really were. Our client and indeed our teams were shocked, to say the least, at the result.

The results of the surveillance had identified that senior managers of this local authority had set up a separate private “building and construction” company and were not only stealing stock from the local authority site but had also “employed” some of their own skilled staff to work for the new company. A pattern of absence was identified on all of the “sick” employees who were using their labour and skills to undertake construction work for their own boss, but under the limited company banner! Result: all staff were either disciplined or had their employment terminated.

Staff sickness undermines profit and productivity…ALWAYS be vigilant!

I have retained the services of Leonard Investigations on numerous occasions and have been extremely pleased with the top class service they always provide. They deliver professional and efficient results and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Their input assists me in ensuring the best result is achieved for my clients.

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